profileHello! I’m R.F. Dunham and I’m glad you’ve found my website! This page is a chance for me to share a little bit with you about who I am.

I write with one purpose: to take you to places you’ve never been before. That might be a distant fantasy land, the far reaches of space, the future of earth, or simply to an idea you’ve never encountered. I’m a student of language and culture, and my stories are designed to pull you into complex worlds that challenge your perception of your own surroundings.

I write primarily speculative fiction, such as Fantasy and Alternate History, but my goal is to write stories so engaging, so real, that you’ll be sucked in even if you think you hate those genres. Because fiction is about more than just the genre it occupies. So what is my fiction about?

In a word, my stories are about insight. Insight into yourself and into others; particularly those you think are the most unlike you. The ones you might call your enemies. I grew up as an evangelical Christian in the South, so, while I was always told to love everyone, a deep understanding of other perspectives was not consistently encouraged. I embraced the beliefs I was brought up and, to be perfectly honest, was a bit of a jerk in high school. I used the Bible to say what I wanted it to say.

Then I started to really dive in to the teachings of Jesus. I made a conscious decision to lay down my assumptions about what the Bible said and re-learn everything based on an approach that began and ended with Jesus. It didn’t take long before I was no longer able to call myself an evangelical Christian! As I discovered ideas and theologies starting out at me from this Bible that I’d read so many times, I started to share them with the people around – often with the same aggressiveness that had made me so unpleasant in previous years. Then I realized that even Jesus didn’t present his radical teachings that way. He used a very different approach: storytelling.

Now I use stories to share the truths I’ve found in Jesus’ teachings. One of the most revolutionary truths is the command to love our enemies and that’s a theme you’ll find in almost everything I write. Like I said, I write to give you insight into the people who aren’t like you. But more than that, I write to incite you to take action and do something with that insight. If you want to learn more about what I call “Inciteful Fiction,” subscribe to my email list and I’ll send you a free eBook all about it!

If you’re ready to dive in to some stories, you start with Everyday right here on my website. If you want more, you can subscribe to that same email list to get free stories delivered straight to your inbox!