New Alternate History Anthology and More


I want to share a few things that I’ve discovered over the past few weeks that I think you might enjoy checking out. Some books, blog posts, and even some music!


New author Jackiem Joyner is also a musician. He’s a phenomenal saxophone player with roots in Virginia, so you should definitely give him a listen! With the release of Zarya: Cyndus Final Hope, you’ve got another reason to pay attention to Joyner. It’s a YA science fiction with a strong female lead, lots of action, and a bit of environmentalism.

Inklings Press

I connected with Inklings Press a few weeks ago on Twitter and I’m so glad I did! They’re a relatively new small press with a focus on science fiction, fantasy, and alternate history. Since we’re right in the same trenches together, I’m excited for future partnership opportunities. But right now I want to make sure you all check out their new anthology, Tales From Alternate Earths. Especially if you’re new to alternate history, this collection of 8 short stories is a great place to start.

Altered Instinct

Speaking of being new to alternate history, Brent Harris (from Inklings Press) recently published a blog post entitled “The Truth About Alternate History.” In it, he talks about some of the challenges and advantages of the genre and reading it got me pumped up to go diving back into my own alternate history project (The Other Side of Unity).

I also published a guest post on Long and Short Reviews that’s basically an introduction to alternate history for those unfamiliar with it. I highly recommend both if you find yourself wondering what the heck I’m talking about when I saw alternate history, or if the phrase makes you think of a historical textbook.

Collaberative Project

Not long ago, I joined up with a group of three other writers on the website Booksie to publish a collaborative science fiction story titled Sins of Our Fathers. I got into it without really knowing what a collab was but it’s been a blast so far. We’re 8 chapters in so far and it’s looking good so go take a look and let us know what you think!

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