Book Signing in Scottsville

If you’re from Appomattox, I’m sure you’re familiar with Baines Books. It’s easily one of the most important gathering places in our small town and one of my favorite places in the whole area. What you might not know about everyone’s favorite local bookstore/coffee shop/music venue is that there are in fact two of them. There’s the one in Appomattox, of course, but there’s also another location in Scottsville (it’s close to Charlottesville).

You might be thinking that a Baines’ location near Charlottesville holds no meaning for you. But if you missed out on my book signing at the Appomattox Baines a couple of weeks ago, this is your chance to get a signed copy of The Other Side of Hope and enjoy a day trip to Charlottesville while you’re at it!

So share this with your friends in C’Ville, and start making plans to head (just a touch) north on Saturday. I’ve heard that Scottsville puts on a big “Second Saturdays” event every month that promises to be a lot of fun and is sure to make the trip worthwhile if you don’t live in the area.

I’ll be at Baines’ from 11 to 2. Hope to see you there!

Here’s their address if you need it: 485 Valley St Scottsville, VA 24590

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