I just wanted to briefly share a review that The Other Side of Hope received yesterday. It’s from a Japanese author and is easily the most thorough and positive review that’s come in so far. The reviewer managed to grasp not only my goaks in writing the story but also pick up on the techniques I used to accomplish those goals. But my favorite part is this:

This is so moving. My soul is deeply moved.

I have been living long enough to know that, sometimes we suddenly encounter a chance to sense the true meaning of an incident we’ve experienced after a long time have passed since that occurred. It is rare, but I know, it can happen, as if it is a miracle, or grace. This novel “The Other Side of Hope” is the story about that kind of hope.

That’s what I love to hear from my readers! Please take a moment and read the whole review on Amazon then share your own thoughts on the story. I’d truly love to hear what you think!

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